Domestic Violence

Abuse is never the victim’s fault. Abuse is a pattern of physically and emotionally violent and coercive (intimidating) behaviors that one person uses to exercise power and control over another. Abusers may use verbal insults, emotional abuse, financial control, threats and/or sexual and physical violence as a way to dominate their partners and get their way.

Here are examples of abuse:

Verbal: Name calling, threats to hurt or kill or put-downs

Emotional: Isolation from others, ridicule, criticism, blame, abuse of pets, accusations of affairs, making account for time, criticism of friends and family or challenging authority with children

Financial or Resource: Controlling money or bank accounts, withholding child support, destroying property, taking keys or purse, running up debts or running credit

Sexual: Constant sexual demands, forcing unwanted sexual acts

Physical: Pushing, kicking, biting, locking in or out of house, slapping, choking, throwing or hitting with objects, threatening to use or using a knife or gun

* All the information is taken from Ohio Domestic Violence Network.